Algiers is the city that tells stories in each corners 

You can choose any program you want as you can mix the program as you wish , we are here to make it possible  as you imagined.


The Casbah is a district the size of a city. It still preserves, despite the trials and tribulations of time, the authenticity of the Algerian architectural heritage. The Casbah was built on the ruins of the Phoenician trading post Icosium, more than 1000 years ago. It became the headquarters of the Deys of the Regency during the Ottoman period. Given the war waged by the Europeans against Algiers, the Casbah will turn over time into a fortress that was able to withstand all the assaults and other bombardments for 3 centuries. In 1830, it was occupied by the French.

The Casbah played a central role during the Algerian War of Independence.

The site was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992.

You will have the chance to sea the different places that will make you travel through time with each details.



 this tour will allow you to see how the French european architecture represent almost 80% of the building and similarity between Paris and Algiers .

at the end you will understand why Algiers it known by the name of “Algiers the White”. 


if you are a museums lover this is the best tour for you .

most of palaces were transformed to museums that has alot of statues and deffrenets objects from many materials as jeweleries , copper , marbles…



  • This is not a fixed itinerary tour so depending on your choice. We can adopt a flexible itinerary and we are open to any other suggestions

  • The duration of the tour is for 6 to 7 hours
  • those tours are not avaible ay 



Whats included:

  • Visa invitation letter 
  • guide and assitance
  • lunch
  • museums and garden fees 

with the same price you can do other tours in other cities in below you will find the cities that we offer tours in it.


Known for the Algerian as “Little Paris”, it is situated northwestern Algeria. It lies along an open bay on the Mediterranean Sea coast, about midway between TangierMorocco, and Algiers, at the point where Algeria is closest to Spain. With the adjacent city of Mers el-Kebir, a fishing centre at the western end of the bay, Oran is the country’s second largest port, after Algiers.

it is a city known by the fort of Saint Cruz and the pressence of the spanish for more then a century , that it is why you will notice the influence once you visit the city .


The third largest city in Algeria, formely known as Cirta the phenician name , this city built on huge rock from lime stone one day was carved out a deep by OUED Rhumel, , creating a natural fortress that was already occupied in Neolithic times. this city isknown by the suspended bridges that link the diffrent parts of the city.  Constantine has always been a city of political, cultural and economic significance. it is also considered as a witness for the passage of the most powerfull cevilizations.


the pearl of Algeria , situated in northwestern . Tlemcen is backed by the cliffs of the well-watered Tlemcen Mountains and overlooks the fertile Hennaya and Maghnia plains. Lying at an elevation of 2,648 feet (807 metres), Tlemcen is located sufficiently inland to avoid the humidity of the Mediterranean Sea coast but is near enough to receive cooling sea breezes in summer. The history of Tlemcen goes back to the 2nd century AD, it is also known by the traces of the zyanides and marinides,Over the last centuries, the beauty of Tlemcen has been rediscovered, the historic sites have now been restored and it’s now one of the most important tourist destinations in Algeria.